Creating and delivering successful Internet activities at summer camps and preparing these instructional materials so that others can learn from our efforts have resulted from the work of many. Special recognition for their contributions goes to Linda Baker, Susan Bean, C.J. Bowman, David Burgstahler, Cheryl Cantrell, Dan Comden, Marvin Crippen, Deb Cronheim, Ann Cummings, Rob Dahl, Jeanette Day, Lisa Gale, Laurie Hall, Scott Hall, Charlie Hinkley, Rick Light, Cynthia McAuliffe, Craig McGhee, Ron Meyer, Amy Olson, Rosemary Owens, Bob Polland, Heather Riesen, Kris Rosenberg, Serena Schubert, Peggy Smith, and Roger Upcraft.

NEC Foundation of America provided major funding for the development and distribution of these materials. The National Science Foundation contributed funds as well. Camp activities have also been supported by the American Computer Experience, Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Compaq Computer Corporation, Digital Vision, Inc., the Western Division of Kraus-Anderson, and PTI Communications.


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  • CyberPatrol is a registered trademark of Microsystems software.
  • Eudora is a registered trademark of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, licensed to QULAOCMM, Incorporated.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is a trademark of Microsoft.
  • NCSA Telnet is a registered trademark of The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois.
  • NetNanny is a registered trademark of Trove Investment Corporation.
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  • PINE is a trademark of the University of Washington.
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