AccessComputing PI Elected to CSTA Board of Directors

By Elizabeth Woolner, AccessComputing Staff
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AccessComputing PI Richard Ladner has been elected to serve as the College/University Representative to the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are elected directly by the CSTA community and are chosen based on their prior experience, professional reputation, overall experience, leadership skills, prior contributions to CSTA, alignment of their prior work to CSTA's mission, and their understanding of the core issues in CS education.

CSTA is an organization that is focused around K-12 computer science teachers, with leadership coming directly from teachers themselves. CSTA especially focuses on equity and inclusion for all students, as well as educators, and creates a community that is open to sharing best practices, local connections, professional development, and a variety of resources on these topics.

Richard's selection as a board member reflects his wealth of experience and background in computer science education and diversity inclusion. As he stated in his platform statement, "My goal in joining the board would be to help the organization learn about accessible educational technology and pedagogy in the computer science space. Also, I would like to help the organization move beyond DEI [diversity, equity, and inclusion] to DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility)."

Richard's work will help bring disability and accessibility to the forefront of CSTA's mission on inclusion. To learn more about Richard’s background and his goals as a member of the CSTA Board of Directors, visit the Meet the Candidate's page.