AccessComputing Partners Win Trailblazer Awards

K Wheeler, AccessComputing Staff
Shiri Azenkot

Two AccessComputing participants-turned-partners were recently awarded as DO‑IT Trailblazers. Through their work and accomplishments they have changed the way the world views people with disabilities and increased the potential of people with disabilities to succeed in college, careers, and community life.

Dr. Shiri Azenkot is an assistant professor of information science at the Jacobs Technion‑Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, Cornell University. Her research interests are in accessibility and interaction on new platforms. As a student, Shiri was an active participant in AccessComputing. She has hosted research interns with a variety of disabilities, presented at a capacity building institute, and spoken in one of our videos.


Shaun Kane

Dr. Shaun Kane is an assistant professor in computer science at the University of Colorado Boulder. He directs the Superhuman Computing Lab, which conducts research on accessible user interfaces, mobile and wearable interactions, and tangible computing. He was a participant in DO-IT programs as a student and is now an AccessComputing partner. He has hosted an AccessComputing intern in his lab, led computer science workshops at the National Federation for the Blind Youth Slam, and mentored other AccessComputing student participants.

To read profiles of past Trailblazer awardees, visit the Trailblazer page on the DO-IT website.