STEM/Transition/College Preparation Activities

DO-IT Scholars reported the greatest effects of summer programs offered by DO-IT to be the development of social skills, followed by academic and career skills. When they were asked what summer experiences were most valuable for their personal, academic, and career development, computer and Internet use was a clear leader, followed by activities related to college preparation, development of personal relationships, and career skills.

Reference: Kim-Rupnow, W. S., & Burgstahler, S. (2004). Perceptions of students with disabilities regarding the value of technology-based support activities on postsecondary education and employment. Journal of Special Education Technology, 19(2), 43-56.

One study conducted by DO-IT provides insight into the transition from two- to four-year schools for students with disabilities that has been useful in designing AccessSTEM2 activities for BC and SCCC.

Reference: Burgstahler, S., Crawford, L., & Acosta, J. (2001). Transition from two-year to four-year institutions for students with disabilities. Disability Studies Quarterly, 21(1), 25-38.