UW Brand


Our tagline is a distillation of who we are and what we believe. It embodies our brand promise and captures our commitment to making an impact. It is both a rallying cry and an invitation; a challenge and an aspirational goal. It invites everyone who is part of the UW — from prospective students to alumni, faculty to philanthropists — to contribute to our pursuit of possibilities.

Be Boundless logo

What does it mean to Be Boundless?

At its core, being boundless is about believing in possibility. It’s our unshakable optimism and determination. It’s a connection to those around us. It’s the drive to break down the barriers that separate us from what is and what can be. It’s a spirit. It’s a hunger. And it’s the actions we take to create a better world.

Guidelines for using Be Boundless

  • Generally speaking, the tagline should not be used as a headline (except in some broad pieces focused on the University as a whole) or the title of a publication.
  • Do use the formatted tagline as a visual element (see guidelines for using the styled tagline).
    • Note: When used as a graphic, the tagline is formatted in italics and all caps (do not modify the graphic version in any way).
  • When using the tagline as text within copy, do not italicize. Capitalize only the first letter of each word: Be Boundless. (This capitalization helps the tagline stand out from headlines, subheads and other copy, where sentence case is used per our in-house style guidelines.)
  • Feel free to incorporate Be Boundless, either verbatim or conceptually, into the body copy of text. For an example of how the tagline can be embedded in copy, see the on-brand statement.