UW Brand


About the UW presentation

This PowerPoint presentation is designed to introduce audiences to the University of Washington. It is intended primarily for audiences in Washington, but it can be adapted for presentations given outside the state. It can be used as either a stand-alone presentation or an addition to a presentation on another topic that would benefit from the audience’s first having a better understanding of the UW and its public mission.

The presentation is divided into six sections: an opening section, a closing section and two slides for each of the UW’s four brand pillars. The notes section of each slide has additional facts and information that build on the theme of that slide. These are intended to provide options that you can choose from — you do not need to use all these facts in your presentation. Indeed, it would be a very long presentation if all the facts were used.

Download the “About the UW” presentation (Last updated April 12, 2023)

More facts and stories are available at:

In addition, an introductory video is available for download.