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The Levinson Emerging Scholars Program

David Linders - Bioengineering

David Linders working in his labMy research experience started my freshmen year as I began working in the Applied Biomechanics Laboratory. We performed biomechanics testing on macaque monkey specimens in an attempt to understand the developmental changes in the cervical spine as a function of age. From there, I was invited to help engineer the force sensing glove I am currently involved with. It is an exciting opportunity to be creative and analytical while developing a device that will be practical and effective in physical medicine. The potential for this device to change the way clinicians obtain and share their results is exciting and motivating.

Mentor: David J. Nuckley, Mechanical Engineering

Project Title: Clinical Force-Sensing Glove

Abstract: For many clinicians, their effectiveness is dependent on the forces they apply to their patients. However, current care strategies lack quantitative feedback. My objective is to develop a force-sensing glove to provide real-time quantitative feedback to assist in clinical diagnosis and treatment. To minimally affect a clinician's function, obtain maximal signal to noise in a medical environment, and maintain patient safety, I am currently developing a fiber optic sensor and methods for implementing it in a latex glove. When a fully functional instrumented glove is fabricated and calibration tests are performed, I plan on presenting the glove to various clinicians for a field test this spring.