Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

OMA&D 50th Anniversary

Building on a Legacy of Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion

In 2018, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D) is celebrating its 50th anniversary – a significant milestone for the University of Washington and the communities we serve. Together we will look back to honor our rich legacy of work on behalf of diversity, equity and inclusion, and celebrate our impact. And together we will look ahead – to imagine the possibilities for the next 50 years.


OMA&D will recognize this milestone during the 2017-18 academic year through awareness building during the fall quarter and event programming during winter and spring quarters. The hub of activity will take place in May 2018, centered around the anniversary date of May 20, 1968 – the day that members of the UW Black Student Union and their supporters occupied the office of UW President Charles E. Odegaard to demand an increased university commitment to diversity. UW administration responded by establishing the office that is now known as OMA&D. Be sure to check this site frequently as it will continue to be updated with content and information.


OMA&D’s 50th anniversary theme is “Building on a Legacy of Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion.” A shortened tagline of “Excellence • Diversity • Inclusion” may also be used. Through this theme, we seek to recognize that the foundation of this office was built upon the efforts of student activists and supporters, faculty, staff and community 50 years ago. It is a legacy of work on behalf of diversity and inclusion that drives excellence within our campus community today, and that we will continue to build in the future.


OMA&D’s anniversary mark provides a visual commemoration of this 50-year milestone. It utilizes a UW brand font, and its overall design combines a bold, retro feel. The shadow effect acknowledges our legacy and the build up to our 50th year. The transparency within the 50 represents inclusion, and depending on the context in which it is used, provides an opportunity for all of our communities to see themselves reflected. The linked numbers and upward angle represent progress and our forward-thinking vision. OMA&D units and campus partners who would like to use the 50th mark on any related collateral, web pages or e-communications should contact OMA&D Communications Director Erin Rowley (


OMA&D invites the entire campus community to celebrate with us by organizing a 2017-18 program around topics of equity, diversity and social justice, or recognizing this milestone during an existing event, program or communications. For more information about ways to engage, contact 50th Anniversary Planning Committee Chair Jeanette James (