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College Advising Corps


 Who we are 

In 2021, the University of Washington Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMA&D) launched a new partnership with College Advising Corps. We are a team of dedicated higher-ed professionals and advocates located strategically within select high schools throughout Washington state to provide on-campus counseling and support in the post-secondary decision-making process. Our advisers are all recent college graduates with first-hand and specialized knowledge to provide comprehensive support to students.  

Mission Statement: Our mission is to empower low-income, first-generation college, and underrepresented students to identify and pursue higher education opportunities.

 What we do 

We are dedicated to empowering Washington’s youth with knowledge, tools and support in their pursuit of post-secondary education and by creating pathways to more equitable opportunities by disrupting traditional systems of access. We aid with college applications, personal statements, and financial aid. 

 How we do it 

Our advisers have one-on-one counseling sessions with high school seniors, conduct financial aid education, and actively involve parents and care givers in their student’s post-secondary decision process. 

Areas we serve 

We will be located at schools within: 

  • Skagit County 
  • Yakima County

We’re Hiring! 

If you or someone you know is passionate about creating opportunities and pathways to post-secondary education, and you are a recent college graduate (graduated Summer 2022 or later), JOIN OUR TEAM!

*URM = Federally recognized underrepresented minority populations (African American, American Indian/ Alaska Native, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and Latino/Hispanic)