Office of Global Affairs

UW employee emergency travel assistance

The UW provides emergency travel assistance to faculty, staff, and qualified student employees traveling abroad on University business. The emergency travel assistance plan does not provide health insurance abroad and acts as a supplement to your personal health insurance coverage. Please review the following information thoroughly.

Emergency travel assistance

UW employees traveling abroad on University business are automatically covered by an emergency travel assistance plan administered by On Call International. It provides assistance with medical, security, and natural disaster evacuation, as well as travel assistance.

The emergency travel assistance plan does not provide health insurance abroad. Please review On Call International’s benefits document for full details.

Plan benefits include:

  • Medical and security evacuation services for emergencies plus repatriation benefits anywhere in the world
  • Natural and political disaster evacuation coverage
  • Travel assistance including legal advice and lost document assistance
  • Coordination of payment for medical services rendered abroad – please read the following points carefully:
    • In a medical emergency, On Call can assist in paying a medical provider for your medical expenses in order for you to secure treatment.
    • This would be done only with authorization from your employer.
    • These expenses are ultimately your responsibility to pay. If On Call is able to collect medical insurance information from you, they will attempt to coordinate benefits with your primary health insurer at the time you are receiving care.
    • You will need to submit a claim with your primary health insurer.

Health insurance through your U.S.-based plan

  • Health care costs abroad for University employees and their dependents are covered according to their U.S.-based health plan.
  • Deductibles and restrictions specific to individual plans will apply.
  • Consult your personal health insurance policy for details.

Is my travel considered University business?

Employees are considered to be traveling on University business if they are on the UW payroll and travel expenses are paid by the University.

If you will be traveling abroad but not on University business, you will not be covered by the emergency travel assistance plan. Please compare travel insurance policies and plans to find one that best suits your needs. On Call is the assistance provider for Atlas, which offers several retail options for insurance abroad. You can find more information and purchase a plan here.