Youth at UW

Youth protection

This section offers web resources on topics related to protecting children and youth.

Youth health and safety

SafeKids Worldwide

Safety Tips can be found on a multitude of physical safety topics, broken down by age ranges.

Caring for Our Children
Caring for our Children is a nationally recognized comprehensive set of standards on safety in early learning settings.

WA State Department of Early Learning (DEL)
The Department of Early Learning (DEL) oversees licensed and certified early learning programs, including child care, pre-school and home visiting. DEL sets and monitors standards and regulations for operating these programs to ensure minimum health and safety standards are met.

Child Safety Passenger Laws

The Washington State Traffic Commission has a useful guide to safely transporting children in vehicles, including age-specific laws and regulations.

Youth community resources

TeenLink – Where to Turn for Teens
TeenLink, a hotline and chat resource by and for teens, offers a resource guide on topics ranging from alcohol and drugs, to relationship violence, to eating disorders, GLBTQ, suicide and more.

Emergency preparedness and response

Caring for Children in a Disaster
This CDC publication offers strategies for addressing the unique needs of children during a disaster.

Child and youth abuse prevention and response

CDC Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-Serving Organizations
This publication of the Centers for Disease Control offers strategies to guide hiring, training and supervision of staff and volunteers who would work with youth, as well as creating safe environments and responding to suspected abuse.

Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress (HCSATS)
HCSATS provides advocacy, prevention and treatment services to children and adults experiencing sexual assault or other trauma.

Launchpad for Educators (created by the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center)

This educational resource is tailored to educators and addresses the dynamics of abuse, trauma informed programming and sexual violence prevention approaches.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Resources
This link includes several useful educational resources for organizations, schools and communities to explore to increase child abuse prevention efforts.

Safekids provides data and resources on injury prevention for children.

WA State DSHS Children’s Administration – How to Report Child Abuse or Neglect
This site offers information on how to make a report of child abuse or neglect, in alignment with WA State Laws.

Cyber safety resources

Common Sense Media
Resources for parents and educators on topics related to safe use of social media, and other media platforms, including information on cyberbullying.

Youth protection in higher education settings

Clery Center for Security on Campus
Clery Center works with colleges and universities to create safer campuses. Training and information is available on the Jeanne Clery Act and related laws.

Managing Camp Liability (2017) 

This article outlines risk considerations for planning and executing a camp (or other youth program).

National Center for Campus Public Safety Planning for the Safety of Minors – Routine and Emergency Situations (2016)
National expert in Safety of Minors issues, Ann Franke, offers a handbook of resources addressing safety of minors on campus.

University Risk Management & Insurance Association – Nine Steps for Preventing the Sexual Abuse of Minors on Campus (2012)
Richard, Dangel, CEO of Praesidium Inc. offers a 9-step strategy for prevention of risk of sexual abuse occurrences on campus.