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Autumn 2023 Speaker Schedule

Research Exposed! Population Health

Gen ST 198 A, SLN: 23442, Delivery method: in-person

All lectures are scheduled for Wednesdays between 12:30-1:20 pm in PACCAR (PCAR) Hall 290.

Accessible Accordion

Sophie Pierszalowski – Introduction to Undergraduate Research and the Undergraduate Research Program

Undergraduate Research Program

Arti Shah – Introduction to Population Health

Population Health Initiative

Dr. Baquero smiling for the camera.

Barbara Baquero – Urban and Rural Health Disparities

School of Public Health

Click here to learn more about Barbara Baquero


Dr. Gimbel smiling for the camera.Sarah Gimbel – Health Equity in Nursing

School of Nursing

Click here to learn more about Sarah Gimbel

Dr. Townes smiling for the camera.

David Townes – Health in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

School of Medicine

Click here to learn more about David Townes

Dr. Stergachis smiling for the camera.

Andy Stegarchis – Role of Pharmacists in Stopping Global Pandemics

School of Pharmacy

Click here to learn more about Andy Stegarchis

Dr. Schindler smiling for the camera.

Holly Schindler – Implications of Learning, Development, and Culture in Workplace, Family and Community

College of Education

Click here to learn more about Holly Schindler

Dr. Swann smiling for the camera.

Abby Swann – Agriculture Under Future Climate Change

College of the Built Environment, College of Arts & Sciences

Click here to learn more about Abby Swann

Dr. Bishu smiling for the camera.

Sebawit Bishu – How Societal Level Factors Shape Access to, and Quality of, Public Services

Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Click here to learn more about Sebawit Bishu

Undergraduate Research Leaders – Undergraduate Research Panel

Click here to learn more about the Undergraduate Research Leaders

Amanda Hornby, Linda Whang, Emilie Vrbancic – Undergraduate Research Tutorial (
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