Student Life

Making the most of your Husky experience

September 29, 2021

Welcome to the 2021-22 year!

Hello Huskies, I am thrilled to welcome you to the 2021-22 academic year. This time last year, we were launching into something completely new and different: the beginning of UW’s first-ever fully remote academic year. While it was not easy, students, faculty, and staff adapted to this new dynamic skillfully and effectively. Each of you…

October 16, 2019

12 New (School) Year Resolutions for 2019/20

Group of smiling students at Fall Fling 2019

Back by popular demand and updated for the 2019-20 academic year, alumni Student Life blogger Hannah shares her tips and wisdom on starting the year off right. Photo credit: Vivian Tran. JANUARY MAY BE the most popular time to take on a new project or goal, but for those of us still in school, September…

April 1, 2019

Grad Student Spotlight: How Kickboxing made me a better Teacher, Researcher, and Engineer

Eldridge portrait with ECE in the background

Guest post from Eldridge Alcantara, UW Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, and Cardio Kickboxing Group Fitness Instructor. Even though I was setting aside a pretty good life already in San Diego, CA, where I was born and raised surrounded by a large Filipino family, close friends, and a full-time engineering…

February 14, 2019

Easy Ways to Practice Self Love this Valentine’s Day

Students in Red Square with Valentines

Valentine’s Day is known for a lot of things—roses and chocolate, to name just a few. It’s a day to celebrate significant others, family, and friends, but it’s also a great opportunity to remind yourself to practice some self-love as well. With the gloom of winter weather, the stress of midterms season, and finals seemingly…

January 18, 2019

Student Voices: Perspectives on Leadership from the Husky 100

Every year we get the opportunity to celebrate some incredible students from UW’s three campuses (Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma) as the Husky 100. This recognition honors 100 students for their exceptional contributions on and off campus and for truly making the most of their Husky Experience. These students prove that leadership is far from a…

November 5, 2018

12 New (School) Year Resolutions

January may be the most popular time to take on a new project or goal, but for those of us still in school, September seems like a whole new year, too. Why wait until 2019 to start on some resolutions? Here are a few ideas to choose from, or to inspire your own resolutions. Find…

January 17, 2018

10 Ways to Destress This Winter Quarter

Winter quarter (or any quarter, honestly) can be stressful for a variety of reasons—anything from the lack of sunlight to a mid-year motivation slump, a tough course load or just feeling stuck in a rut. If you find yourself facing a lot of stress, overwhelm, or are feeling really tense, try some of these tricks…