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To add an eGC1 to the list of Current Sponsored Research Projects that displays on the Profile page, start by selecting the “Can’t see your eGC1?” link below the list. This will display the Additional Sponsored Research page.

From that list, locate the desired eGC1, select it in the Add column, and click the Add button. You may only select one eGC1 at a time. The system will ask you to verify or change your role on this eGC1 and your Investigator status.

The system will send an email to the PI and contacts of the eGC1 to notify them that you have changed the eGC1. They can notify OSP if sponsor approval is required.

The following image shows an example list.

add an e g c 1

Specify your project role

After you select an eGC1 to add, a pop-up window will display the project role option.

If you are the PI, you cannot change your role or investigator status in FIDS. You can edit the eGC1 in SAGE to change your role.

You can click the check box to indicate if you need to create a disclosure for this eGC1. This will add a pending disclosure in the Disclosure section of your Profile page.

The following image shows the Project Role dialog.

project role for P I

To exit without saving changes, click the Cancel link. To save your changes, click the Save button. You will return to the Additional Sponsored Research page where you may add another eGC1, request to be added to an eGC1, or return to your Profile Page.

If you are not the PI, indicate your investigator status and use the drop-down Role menu to confirm or select your project role from the following:

    • Key Personnel
    • Fellow
    • Mentor
    • Other
    • Multiple PI

Indicate whether you are an investigator. Note: An Investigator includes anyone independently responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research.

The following image shows an example of this change.

add your project role

If you do not see the eGC1 you wish to add to your list, you can send a request to the owners of the eGC1.  Enter the eGC1’s number and click the Request Access link. If necessary, contact someone in your unit to obtain the eGC1 number.

The system will email the PI and contacts to notify them of your request, and you will receive a copy of the email message. They can add you to the eGC1 and notify OSP if the sponsor needs to approve the change. Once they have added you to the eGC1, you will see it displayed on the Profile page.

Sample email message: Request to add additional personnel to eGC1 A99999

As part of making a disclosure, you can make changes to your SFI. The disclosure can be for a specific eGC1, for unsponsored activities, or just to disclose your SFI updates.

When you add new SFI to your profile, the system will automatically include it in any disclosure whose primary eGC1 is connected with a sponsor that requires UW review of SFI and whose status is not Review Complete. If the disclosure’s status was No Review Required, the system will reset it to Waiting for JIT.

When you edit an SFI entry, the system will reflect those changes in any disclosure that includes the changed SFI and whose status is not Review Complete or No Review Required.

To simply create new SFI or to edit your current SFI, select the Create New Disclosure button located in the Action Items section of the Profile page.

When the Disclosure Type page displays, select I need to add new SFI or change existing SFI and click Next.

disclosure type add or edit S F I

If you have existing SFI, you will see it listed.  Click the name of an Entity to edit it. Use the Add new SFI link to start a new entry.

existing S F I list with add new link

If you do not have existing SFI, just the Add new SFI link will display.  Select it to open the SFI entry page.

Review Delete SFI for information on how to do that.