Office of Planning & Budgeting

FY25 Annual Review Submissions

Each University of Washington unit and campus has submitted a suite of “annual review” materials in preparation for meetings with the Provost. Annual reviews are meant to be a holistic look at unit finances and operations and help inform the development of the University’s FY25 operating budget. Faculty and student leadership consultations are scheduled for March 2024.


FY25 Tuition Recommendations

FY25 Tuition Recommendations Summary (updated 05/07/2024)

Note: The University-wide rates in the summary are those currently planned to be advanced to Board of Regents approval in June, and are based on the state’s allowable resident undergraduate tuition increase (under RCW 28B.15.067) for the upcoming 2024-25 academic year and ongoing consultation with units that have programs in the three Graduate Tier categories. Other graduate program rates listed are those proposed by academic units as part of their annual review submissions. All rates are subject to change.

FY25 Fee-Based Program Recommendations

Proposed fee-based program rates were reviewed and approved in March/April. A summary of these rates can be found on this page. Fee-based program rates are established and changed annually. In accordance with E.O. 44, the Provost approves fee-based program rates.

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