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UW experts on the Middle East

Daniel Chirot
Professor, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Jackson School of International Studies, Department of Sociology
Office: 206-685-2412
Email: chirot@uw.edu
Web: https://faculty.washington.edu/chirot/
Expertise: Tyranny, genocide, war, conflict mitigation, the role of ideas in shaping our world.

Karam Dana
Associate professor, Global and Middle East Studies, UW Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Office: 425-352-5284
Email: kdana@uwb.edu
Web: http://www.uwb.edu/ias/faculty-and-staff/karamdana
Expertise: Religious influence on political identity, political and civic engagement of Muslims in Western contexts, specifically the U.S., Middle East public opinion, how state-society relations are transforming the Middle East.

Reşat Kasaba
Professor and director, Jackson School of International Studies
Office: 206-543-4373
Email: kasaba@uw.edu
Web: http://faculty.washington.edu/kasaba/cv.html
Expertise: Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey. State-society relations in the Middle East, seen from a historical perspective.

Clark Lombardi
Professor, School of Law; adjunct professor, Jackson School of International Studies
Office: 206-543-4939
Email: lombardi@uw.edu
Web: http://www.law.washington.edu/directory/profile.aspx?ID=142
Expertise: Islamic law, federal courts, constitutional law.

Stephen J. Majeski
Professor, Department of Political Science
Office: 206-543-9648
Email: majeski@uw.edu
Web: http://www.polisci.washington.edu/Directory/Faculty/Faculty/faculty_majeski.html
Expertise: U.S. foreign policy, international conflict and cooperation, computational modeling, experimental group decision-making.

Joel S. Migdal
Professor, Jackson School of International Studies, director of Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in International Studies
Office: 206-543-6406
Email: migdal@u.washington.edu
Web: http://globalstudies.washington.edu/migdal/
Expertise: Domestic politics, economics, social life and culture of Israel; the peace process between Palestine and Israel and other parties’ roles; crises and regional dynamics in the Middle East, including Syria, Iraq and Egypt. Author of the 2014 book “Shifting Sands: The United States in the Middle East.”

Paula Holmes-Eber
Visiting scholar, Middle East Center, Jackson School of International Studies
Email: pholmese@uw.edu
Expertise: Culture and conflict in the Middle East, women and Islam, women and war in the Middle East, sectarianism and ethnic identity in the Middle East, U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq, new media/Internet and culture change, Arab spring

Mika Ahuvia
Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies, Jackson School of International Studies
Office: 206-685-0891
Email: mahuvia@uw.edu
Web: http://jewishstudies.washington.edu/portfolio/mika-ahuvia/
Expertise: Archaeology of the Middle East, especially related to ancient Judaism and Christianity

Noam Pianko
Director, Stroum Center for Jewish Studies; associate professor, Jackson School of International Studies.Email: npianko@uw.edu
Web: http://www.noampianko.net
Expertise: History of Israel; modern Jewish history; Zionism; American Judaism.