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Crystal Raymond

Climate adaptation specialist, Climate Impacts Group

Climate change (regional), Wildfires

Expertise: Climate change and wildfires, climate adaptation and impact on risk of forest fires

Crystal Raymond has experience working as a climate adaptation specialist within organizations and across multiple sectors. She has worked for the U.S. Forest Service conducting vulnerability assessments and adaptation plans for national parks and forests. She also worked for a public electric utility to assess the vulnerability of energy infrastructure and operations, and prepare for potential climate impacts. Raymond has a Ph.D. in ecosystem analysis from the University of Washington and studies climate change impacts on forests and disturbance regimes.

Research interests:

  • Effective vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning for people, natural resources, and the built environment.
  • Climate change impacts on forest ecosystems and natural disturbance regimes, with a particular interest in fire.
  • Climate change impacts on the energy sector, particularly hydropower operations and electricity demand.