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Marine Denolle

Assistant professor, Earth and space sciences



Web / Twitter / Pronouns: she/her

Expertise: ground motions, seismic monitoring, machine learning with seismic data

My research focuses on earthquake sources and their ground motion. The ambient seismic noise carries great information on how seismic waves propagate in the shallow crust. I extract such information to understand the shallow crustal structure and to predict shaking of future moderate and large earthquakes. Some metropolitan areas are densely populated and exposed to large earthquakes, and my research focuses on predicting shaking at frequencies that tall buildings are sensitive to. Shallow earthquakes are a direct hazard for population and my research aims to understand their source mechanisms. Why do some earthquakes rupture at the surface and some don’t? What physical mechanisms explain that some earthquakes radiated more seismic energy than others? I develop tools to extract relevant information on earthquake dynamics from observed waveforms.