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Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Strategic Priority 1

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • Confront issues of racism and colonialism in a way that is consistent with the UW’s overall approach to diversity, equity and inclusion*. 
  • Reduce the functional barriers to students, faculty, and staff by creating global engagement opportunities and spaces to connect.
  • Identify and reduce barriers to global research and teaching.
  • Reimagine scholarship opportunities.


  • Create an Equity Strategy team to support DEI initiatives across our unit.
  • Launch Student Global Engagement Group and create report with recommendations. 
  • Begin conversations and create spaces to identify and reduce functional barriers.
  • Develop a consistent set of terminology for terms such as DEI and colonialism.


Our Strategic Plan is a living document intended to guide how we plan to engage locally, regionally and internationally. We acknowledge that BIPOC faculty, staff, and students may have endured systemic injustices and structural barriers that may limit their opportunities to engage in global research, learning, and service. We are committed to building relationships and maintaining open dialogues with BIPOC faculty, staff, and students to find ways to expand the scope and effectiveness of its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that support global engagement.

Given the institutional structures of the UW and the resources available to us, our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion work is focused on addressing the functional barriers to global engagement rather than those that are structural or systemic. We intend to work towards eliminating any internal barriers, look for ways to collaborate with campus and external partners, build pipelines, and be an advocate for BIPOC faculty, staff, students, and the larger community that UW serves as it pertains to global engagement.