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WordPress page template options

There are many template options at your disposal when customizing your page. Here are examples of all the different layouts and how to achieve them.

Default Template

The current page is an example of the Default Template with no sidebar. If you open up a new page in WordPress, it will look like this one with a sidebar. To deactivate the sidebar, check ‘No Sidebar’ in the page editor on the right side of the window.

Big Hero

Click the button to see a page using the Big Hero template. To customize the background image, you can set a featured image, otherwise it will default to what is shown on the page linked below.

Big Hero Example

Jumbotron Hero

The Jumbotron Hero template is an alternative to the Big Hero template. The title of the page will have a purple background and will appear over the background image. A short subhead with purple background can also appear on the image.

Jumbotron Hero Example

No image

This template does not have a header image.

No Image Example

No title/image

This template has no header image or automatic H1 header to the page. Best practice is to add one manually.

No Title/Image Example

Small Hero

This template is similar to the Big Hero template but the header image is not as large width wise.

Small Hero Example