Content Toggle

Content toggles are very similar to accordions, as they have expandable windows that let you display more information on a topic. Check out the examples below to explore your different options in using this kind of storytelling module.

Text Toggle Example

This is where you would put a brief description or side information about whatever the external user would be toggling to

Treat this section like you would any other copy block or WordPress page editor, meaning you can use many of the shortcodes available to you in the new theme.

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Photo Toggle Example

This is where you would put an intro for whatever you are toggling to, just like the text toggle option. In this case the photo I've chosen is Janet. Open the toggle to learn more about her royal fluffiness.

Hello, my name is Janet.

I go by many names, Sweetness and Honey Bear to name a few. I love balls and cuddles and believe that everything is/should be mine. Humans just get confused sometimes. Water is fun too, but that just might be because I’m a Spanish Water Dog.

Mom wants me to let you know that in this type of toggle, just like the text toggle, you can include many different kinds of shortcodes. Don’t believe me? Here is a button as an example.


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Anyway, glad you stopped by and best of luck in your website building endeavors! (Whatever a website is. All I know is that computers take Mom away from playing with me, which should be her top priority. Obviously.)