How to create a Video Story

Web Council // April 6, 2023
Tiffany Sevareid and Teri Shelton // Front end developers
Web Strategy Team // University Marketing and Communications

Follow along to learn all the details of video story creation using the Storytelling Modules plugin. 

Hero video

  • REQUIRED: MP4 video for background
  • REQUIRED: poster image
  • Recommended: Link to popup (modal) video, if there is a longer video
  • Recommended: Mobile image (portrait orientation)
  • Decide on settings
    • Header and intro text styles
    • Header height – full or half height
    • Overlay?

General technical considerations for video in STM

  • Video quality
  • Video size (file and aspect ratio)
  • <20MB for uploaded video into media library if we host. YMMV. Keep in mind you might have a fast internet connection, but others don’t, especially on mobile!
  • Best way to compress is during export. If that’s not available, use a compressor tool, but make sure the quality stays high

Flexible media block with background video + text overlay.

This video is subtle and slow, which makes it good for a background video. Optional: text overlay. Required: the pause button, and a poster image.

Ode to a library

by AI Poetry generator

My library, you inspire me to write.
I love the way you enrich and invite,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the calm moonlight.

Accessibility best practices

  • Captions – we recommend YouTube for easy captions – or you must provide transcript. Best practice is to always provide both.
  • Pause button is required
  • Auto play off strongly recommended
  • Use accessible videos – consider motion and flashing (avoid causing seizures) – spec is to avoid anything that flashes more than 3 times in any one second period. Use Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool (PEAT) to test. Note: This is a Windows only tool.


The two videos linked above are also placed in a columns module below.

Video Accessibility

Making Videos Accessible

Flexible media block - foreground video

This block uses an external link to a YouTube video. Captions can be enabled or not.

Timeline of Suzzallo Library (This is not captions for the video itself, just an image caption)

Copy block with video embed

The iframe is generated by YouTube

UW Cherry Blossom cam

UW Cherry Blossom Cam (facing west from Miller Hall)

Other video stories

  • Cecelia Aragon

  • UW Symphony

  • Ally Ang - MFA Poet