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Function: To display a collection of images on your page or site.

Number of options: 3

Note: Content-width galleries can be used on pages with sidebars. Because we are showing both content-width galleries and a fullwidth gallery, we’ve chosen a template without a sidebar.

Step 1: Browse options

Below are the options for galleries. Choose the one that works best for you and your content.

Option 1: Gallery Mode

baby dubs sits wearing a purple bandana against a white backgroundtwo girls pose with DubsDubs with pom pomsDubs gets hugged by studentdubs and harryDubs posing with two studentsDubs looks at the camera


Option 2: Masonry Mode


Option 3: Content-width Carousel Mode

Option 4: Fullwidth Carousel Mode


Step 2: Insert and customize your gallery

Once you’ve decided on your gallery, go into your WordPress page that you are working on. There, in the top left hand corner, you will see a button that says Add Media. This is how you insert a gallery.

After inserting a gallery and uploading/selecting the photos that you wish to be in your gallery, it is time to tell WordPress how you want the gallery to display.

This is what your display will look like:

11.10.22 view of gallery settings in wordpress editor


To make the gallery appear as Option 2, simply select the Masonry layout option in the right hand tool bar.

To make the gallery appear as Option 3, simply select the Enable carousel option in the right hand tool bar.

To make the gallery appear as Option 4 also select the Enable full-width option in the right hand tool bar. Make sure Enable carousel is selected as well.

After saving your changes and checking the site link, you will notice that for Option 3 and 4 the captions are a white text with a purple background overlayed on the images. To change this to black text and white background (that is not overlayed on the images) simply go back to your WordPress builder window, select to edit the gallery and check the Enable simple captions option.

*Remember to include captions and alt text for each of your photos. You can do this by clicking on an individual photo and putting it into the information on the right side panel that appears.

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