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Shortcode Cookbook

Hello and welcome to the Web Strategy Team’s Shortcode Cookbook!

The Shortcode Cookbook is the most up-to-date catalog of shortcodes available to users, so all of these shortcodes are considered as a part of the “New Theme”. Here you will find “recipes” for how to use all of the shortcodes we provide for your WordPress editing needs. The “recipes” double as catalogs of all the shortcodes we have available at any given time, so feel free to use them as a library of sorts. As we roll out the new theme and add to it, these recipes will be updated and added to, so keep an eye out for new options down the line!

This cookbook does not teach you how to use WordPress, simply how to use our shortcodes. If you are interested in learning more about WordPress, or any other web-based training resources, please visit our training resources page that will have the latest in what we recommend learning from and referencing.

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What is a recipe?

As said previously, a recipe is a how-to on any one specific element that we have shortcodes for, as well as a library of where you can find all of the options that are available to you. For instance, if you are wanting to see all of the button options, they are simply on the buttons page, along with a step-by-step way of how to customize and use them.