Profile Boxes

Profile boxes allow you to display multiple people or other content in a uniform, consistent way. This could include leadership, award winners, and casts of TV shows that were canceled before they were supposed to and now have cult followings that bullied the studios into making a movie to wrap up the storylines in some way.

Profile Boxes Example 1

The following is just one example of how you can stylize this storytelling module using the crew of Serenity, characters in arguably one of the best TV shows of the 2000s, despite it getting canceled after one season due to some mismanagement and poor marketing.

This example displays the following:

  • 3-columns
  • Show overlay enabled
  • modal enabled (this is the View Profile feature)
  • Captain Malcolm Reynolds,

    Captain Malcolm Reynolds

  • Zoe Washburne,

    Zoe Washburne

  • Hoban 'Wash' Washburne,

    Hoban 'Wash' Washburne

  • Kaylee Frye,

    Kaylee Frye

  • Jayne Cobb,

    Jayne Cobb

  • Inara Serra,

    Inara Serra

  • Shepard Derriel Book,

    Shepard Derriel Book

  • Simon Tam,

    Simon Tam

  • River Tam,

    River Tam

Profile Boxes Example 2

The following is another way that you can stylize this storytelling module.

This example displays the following:

  • 6-columns
  • Show overlay enabled
  • External link on button enabled
  • Profile block caption enabled
  • Enable alt text on image

This is the crew of the Serenity, which is featured in the television show Firefly and subsequent movie Serenity.