Department of Comparative Medicine

RHM Rotation


Through successful completion of the Rodent Health Monitoring (RHM) Rotation, a resident will gain experience and knowledge about topics related to the management of a RHM program, with emphasis on detection and control of adventitious viral, bacterial and parasitological infections. These topics may include:

  • Infectious agents of concern to the laboratory rodent community.
  • Clinicopathological relevance
  • Effects on research
  • Potential for zoonotic transmission
  • Current and historical monitoring methods
  • Outbreak management and troubleshooting
  • Outbreak history
  • Local, national, and international standards and expectations
  • Scheduling and electronic record keeping
  • Future trends

Additionally, residents may be asked to participate in a RHM-related project(s) that can be completed during their 12-week rotation. The specific project topic will vary based on current monitoring activities and will be aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the RHM service and/or the RHM training rotation. The resident may be asked to lead, manage, research, plan, communicate, and implement procedures in order to complete the project.