Department of Comparative Medicine


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission Statement

The Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM) is committed to advancing the diversity of faculty, students, and staff involved in fulfilling our Departmental mission.  We view diversity as a broad core value which includes differences in sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socioeconomic status, disabilities, and other issues of disparity.  Furthermore we view individual issues of diversity as dynamic requiring frequent consideration, measurement and reassessment.  Enhancing diversity in our faculty, students, and staff is dependent upon enabling and fostering an embedded climate of inclusion.  Embracing inclusion as a core element is essential to provide a transition from where encouraging diversity is a focused event to one where it becomes an innate part of how we operate on a daily basis.  Achieving this goal requires persistence and the willingness and determination to advance change by policy, mentoring, education, exposure and especially example.