Department of Comparative Medicine

Anesthesia Rotation


Through successful completion of the Anesthesia Rotation, a resident will gain experience and knowledge about topics related to equipment, species specific techniques and pharmacology and as it pertains to administration and monitoring of anesthesia in laboratory animals (With an emphasis on USDA regulated species).  These topics may include:

  • Specialized equipment (vaporizer, anesthesia circuits, tubes)
  • Positive pressure ventilation (maintaining and managing patients on a ventilator)
  • Pre-surgical preparation of patients
  • Electronic record keeping (Vet DAR)
  • Interpretation of vitals/monitors- Underlying physiology of anesthetized and/or compromised patients
  • Troubleshooting
  • Species specific techniques (endotracheal intubation, peripheral catheter placement)
  • Familiarity with standardized anesthetic protocols (Common procedures of the anesthetic service.
  • Monitoring and managing patients through the post anesthetic recovery period.
  • Research Collaboration- Designing novel anesthetic plans

Additionally, residents may be asked to participate in an anesthesia related project(s) that can be completed during their 12-week rotation.  The specific project topic will vary based on current anesthesia needs will be aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the anesthesia service and/or the anesthesia training rotation.  The resident may be asked to lead, manage, research, plan, communicate and implement procedures in order to complete the project.