UW Brand

WordPress theme

University Marketing & Communications manages an on-brand WordPress theme that all UW organizations are welcome to download from GitHub.


We encourage you to download our official theme and add on-brand features or customizations that better meet your organization’s needs. However, we recommend making modifications via a child theme so that you can install new releases and not lose your changes.

We recommend you keep the audience-based navigation in the header to ensure users have a seamless experience across the UW Web (Students, Parents, Faculty & Staff, Alumni). However, we realize this is not always possible. Feel free to contact us if you would like to talk through options and solutions.

We also encourage you to retain the search function, Quick Links, social icons and copyright information as they appear in the main theme. Again, this ensures a smooth user experience across the vast UW Web.


If you are using a hosted version of our Boundless theme, there’s a link in the left column on your Dashboard that will take you directly to our documentation.

People who are hosting their own Boundless them can find documentation on GitHub: https://github.com/uweb/uw-2014 (scroll down to the README.md).