UW Brand


Our colors tell a story of tradition, distinction and unmatched spirit.

Purple evokes passionate pride. It’s the color that stands out as most quintessentially to our University and is therefore the dominant color in our communications. Gold symbolizes excellence. It’s a sophisticated hue that speaks to our extraordinary standards and immense quality. And when you combine the two? That’s the UW.

Primary colors


PMS: 2685
CMYK: 93/100/18/21
RGB: 51/0/111
HEX: 4b2e83


PMS: 7502
CMYK: 0/13/43/13
RGB: 232/211/162
HEX: b7a57a
HEX: e8e3d3 (Web only)

Metallic gold

PMS: 871
CMYK: 30/35/60/0
RGB: 145/123/76
HEX: 85754d

Secondary palette


Any tint of gray


HEX: ffffff


HEX: 000000

Background colors

In general, when placing graphic elements on a color background, an obvious contrast should be maintained. Once that contrast is no longer obvious, reverse the element out of the background color.

Please note, colors or graphics may shift from monitor to monitor, or color printer to color printer. Designers should always take into account their users’ display devices (CRT monitor, LCD screen, mobile phone, etc.) and design accordingly.

Palette downloads

ASE color palette (ZIP file)