There are many great examples of people with disabilities who choose computing. A few of these individuals are listed below. Check out their profiles to see what they have accomplished by pursuing academic and career paths in the computing field.

  • Image of Alex Alex
    Computer Engineering Technology
  • Photo of Cheryl Cheryl
    Political Science and Informatics Major
    University of Washington
  • Photo of Daniel Daniel
    Computer Science Major
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Photo of Diana Diana
    Information Security Officer
  • Photo of Emanuel Emanuel
    Computer Science Graduate Student
  • Photo of Jason Jason
    Web Application Developer
    Center for Urban Population Health
  • Photo of Jesse Jesse
    Software Developer
  • Photo of John John
    Human Centered Design & Engineering Graduate Student
  • Photo of Jonathan Jonathan
    Chief Accessibility Officer
    SSB BART Group
  • Photo of Katie Katie
    Program Manager
  • Photo of Kavita Kavita
    Computer Science Graduate Student
  • Photo of Lewis Lewis
    Computer Science Graduate Student
  • Image of Nicole Nicole
    Computer Science Major
  • Photo of Pamela Pamela
    Software Developer
  • Photo of Randy Randy
    Systems Analyst
  • Photo of Samuel Samuel
    Information Technology Major
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Photo of Shaun Shaun
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Photo of Vincent Vincent
    Human Computer Interaction Graduate Student