Field of Study: 
Computer Programming
RCH Technical Institute

Technology & Independence

My life has never been easy, but I am grateful every day for the opportunities I have received and experiences I have had. I have C4 complete quadriplegia, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing a great career in science and technology, marrying a great woman, and continuing to serve my community in every way I can.

I earned my associate’s degree in computer programming from RCH Technical Institute concurrently with my high school diploma, and I went to work for a software company specializing in medical products immediately following. I opened my own consulting company called C4 Consulting, where I serve the electronic personal health information space. My company is responsible for protecting patient data in hospitals and laboratories across the United States.

I have also been a motivational speaker for years, telling my story and encouraging others to follow their dreams. I also opened a foundation in 2008 to provide independent technologies to people with spinal cord injuries. We just recently launched a new program called “Demonstrating Independence,” which will provide more technologies to people for managing life tasks on their own.

I have always been interested in how science can give independence to people who may otherwise have fewer options for engaging in our society. Technology is a growing industry that is constantly coming up with newer and better methods for people with disabilities to be independent in whatever career they choose. My journey in STEM is intricately tied to this changing technological landscape.

I owe a lot to mentors and other supportive people for giving me great experiences and helping me with career skills, which led to a job in the technology field. I value relationships and staying close with those you care for. I will always be a man with purpose, fighting for the important things in my life. I look forward to many more years with my family and giving back to society.