Computing students and professionals are involved in a diverse variety of interesting projects. Check out the sorts of activities you could be involved with if you have a career in computing.

You could:

  • Develop a robotic arm to help people with physical disabilities reach for objects on a table or shelf or an exoskeleton that helps people with physical disabilities walk.
  • Create a web-based screen reader like WebAnywhere that provide blind web users equal access to the web from any computer without requiring the installation of special, expensive software.
  • Build a robot controlled wirelessly through thoughts and facial gestures.
  • Help computers learn to automatically recognize American Sign Language.
  • Explore ways to help people with motor impairments type accurately when they use computers.
  • Develop an application for cell phones that lets riders know when to expect the next bus.
  • Build a crowdsourcing tool to allow people with visual impairments use their cell phones to get answers to simple questions.
  • Develop, build, and program any machine your imagination can dream up through paper mechatronics.
  • Help research brain drones that can be controlled and moved just by thinking.
  • Build smart headlights that react to the scene ahead of the car.

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