My name is Cheryl. I recently graduated from the University of Washington where I double majored in political science and informatics. The study of informatics explores ways of thinking about information and technology and the ways people interact with them. It incorporates theory and hands-on technical projects to develop skills to recognize information needs and use appropriate and innovative technologies to design solutions. The goal of informatics is to present intended users with the most transparent, yet useful information or computing experience possible.

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Universal Design

In the classroom or the workplace, most groups are diverse. We vary in background, cultural and gender identity, first language, and age. We have different learning styles, including visual and auditory. Some of us have disabilities, including blindness, low vision, hearing impairments, mobility impairments, learning disabilities, and health impairments.

How can educators design instruction to maximize the learning of all students? How can employers create environments to maximize productivity of all employees? By using universal design.


The best accommodations are unique to the individual and develop from a cooperative relationship between instructor and student, sometimes with the assistance of special education teachers or postsecondary campus disabled student services offices. AccessComputing provides tools and resources for assessing the accessibility of your lab or department and developing accommodation strategies.

Rights & Responsibilities

Accommodating students with disabilities in computing is a shared responsibility. Faculty, students, and disability services staff must work together to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities who request support. Coordinated efforts and support from departmental, administrative, facilities, and other student service personnel can also enhance the overall accessibility of the postsecondary learning environment for students with disabilities.


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