Create a New Award Setup Request

To create an Award Setup Request, start at the Awards tab and select the Create a Request button at the upper right.

Note: you can also start a new request from the Award Requests tasklist.

The following image shows the Awards tab in SAGE.
awards tab in SAGE
When you select the button, a menu displays with the option to create an Award Setup Request.

The following image shows this menu:

create a request menu expanded

Select Award Setup Request from the menu. A type-ahead search displays for finding the associated eGC1 application. You can search by eGC1 number, PI (Principal Investigator), or Short Title.

The following image shows this search step:

create award setup request

Enter your search text. Only applications not already linked to an eGC1 or award will display. Select the desired eGC1.

awards request search text

A New Award Setup Request form will open, displaying the General Information page by default. SAGE will auto-fill details from your eGC1 (Title, Periods, Sponsor Details, PI/Department, etc.).

This information can be updated since information may change between time of proposal and time of award. You can also update the award’s start and end dates, funding amounts, and other details, as needed.

Use the left navigation menu to access and complete each of the sections. This menu previews the information you’ll be reviewing and entering, and allows you to easily navigate between various sections. Navigation is similar to that used for Advances.

The following image shows the navigation menu, with the General Information section highlighted.

Awards navigation menu