MOD General Information

In this section, select all of the modification categories that apply. When you select a category, additional fields display.

The categories are:

  • Funding & budgeting changes
    • SAGE Budget modifications
  • Schedule changes
    • Extensions and other award schedule modifications
  • Programmatic changes
    • Personnel, location, payment, work scope, or non-fiscal compliance modifications
  • Other changes
    • Cost center or restriction release modifications
  • End of award changes
    • Early termination and relinquishment modifications

For instructions on which modification categories to use, see the UW Research website page Award Changes.

The following image shows the category list, without any selections made:

General Information Modification Details Category List

For all change categories, the additional fields are:

  • Sponsor Award Number
  • Sponsor Modification Number
  • The sponsor has a deadline for accepting the award (toggle), with the instructions: Use only when the sponsor has specified a required date to receive the signed award by to provide funding. Documentation from the sponsor will be needed to make this request.
    • Selecting the toggle displays the Deadline for Accepting Award Date field

If you select the Funding & budgeting changes category, the following fields display:

  • Current Authorized Spending Start Date
  • Current Authorized Spending End Date
  • Modification Application, with the instructions: Add another application (eCG1) if there is a proposal submission process for a Non-Competing Continuation, Supplement, or Revision.
  • Modification Sponsor Total for All Spending Periods
    • Note: this is the new award total as identified by the sponsor.

If you select the Schedule changes category, the following fields display:

  • Award Line(s) / Budget Period Start Date
  • Award Line(s) / Budget Period End Date

The following image shows all the additional fields:

modification general information section fields