Advance Header and Navigation

Advance Header

All advances display a header section across the top of the page. This header remains visible regardless of what part of the advance you are viewing.

The following image show an example advance header for a New advance in Composing status.

advance request header

The header contains the following items, reading from left to right:

  • A blue arrow, pointing to the left, which is a link back to your Advances list.
  • The title “Advance Budget Request” followed by the request’s unique reference number, in parentheses, with the prefix ADV. For example: ADV25111.
  • The eGC1 number for the Associated Application. Clicking on the application number will open a new tab displaying the eGC1.
  • The Advance Budget number assigned displays for an item with In GCA or Processed status.
  • Request Status, the current status of this item
  • At the far right, a “more options” menu icon appears. The icon is three, blue vertical dots. The menu choices are:

Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu lists the sections of your advance. When you select a section, its name will change to bold font and be highlighted with a light blue shading. The following image shows an example of an advance’s left navigation menu, with the General Information section highlighted.

advance budget left navigation menu
To the left of each section name is a circle. Initially, it will be empty. As you add and review the data in a section, the circle will include a checkmark to indicate when you have completed the section.

advance request left navigation menu with checked section

In the list of menu links below, click on any section name to view its related article: