Advance Cost Share

The Cost Share section displays, by default, the F-3 question and current response from the associated application’s Budget & Fiscal Compliance page or the most recent response from a processed advance for the same associated application.

The following image shows this default view.

advance cost share current tab

If the response to F-3 is “Yes”, a cost share addendum attachment is required. 

Note: Renewal advances require a response to an additional question if F-3 is “Yes”:  “Will there be any changes to cost share during the next budget period?”  Review current cost share setup in the eFECS Cost Share Summary (ASTRA access required.)

If the response is “Yes” to changes, an updated cost share addendum attachment will be required.  If the response is “No” to changes, the original cost share addendum attachment is required.  

Select the Edit link to update the response.  The link will change to a Done link, which when selected, will save any changes and return you to a read-only display of the data.

If you change the response from No to Yes, a Reason for change text box will display and you will need to upload an up-to-date cost share addendum, as shown in the following image.

advance cost share edit view

The “Responses from older eGC1s & Advances” tab lists the associated application followed by the text “(Original Responses)”. The date the item was last edited displays on the next line.  Selecting the application number will open it in a new tab.

Use the caret to the left of the application number to expand the section and see the question and response from the application.

advance cost share older responses