My Advance Requests

The My Advance Requests page displays your existing advance requests. Your list will include only those advances where you have direct access as owner, or have read-only or read-write permissions.

By default, just those in “Composing” status display. You can adjust what appears on the list. The following image shows the My Advance Requests page with all statuses selected.

my advance requests page

The advance requests display in descending order by Date Created, so the newest one is at the top of the list. To open an advance, click on its number.

You can use the status check boxes to select which item statuses you want to appear on the list. Statuses are Composing, Routing, In GCA, and Processed. There are also “select” links to easily adjust the list: Select Composing, Select Routing, or Select All.

Permission to access an Advanced Budget Request initially originates from the parent eGC1.

  • If you are an owner of the parent eGC1 or you have assigned access, you can open an Advance Budget Request for that eGC1.
  • If you are a Global Editor, you first need to have direct access to the eGC1 to create an Advance Budget Request. To give yourself the needed access, start on the Approval Flow page of the eGC1. Click on the View eGC1 link to open the eGC1. On the Contacts & Assign Access page, use the Add Another User link in the Access section to add yourself with Read Write access.

The statuses for an advance request are as follows:

Status Description
Composing An advance request that was created, but not yet “Completed.”
Routing An advance request that has been “Completed” and is waiting to be reviewed by the office of Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA). The review will occur when GCA receives the signed paper copy of the advance.
In GCA An advance request that is being processed by GCA.
Processed An advance request that GCA has finished processing and assigned a budget number.

When GCA establishes an Advance Budget Number for a project, the system sends an email notification to the Principal Investigator, eGC1 Administrative Contact, eGC1 Pre‐Award Budget Contact, and the Advance Administrative Contact. The budget number will also display in the column at the far right of the My Advances tasklist.

You can use the Advanced Search link to find advance requests that match specific criteria.

The Create New Advance button starts the process of creating a new advance request.