Advance Supporting Attachments

Use this section to manage any additional attachments that explain your request. For example, timeline correspondences with the sponsor and notices of award.

You can:

Add Attachments

You have the option to drag and drop files or browse for them. The following image shows the section.

advance supporting attachments page without any files

Note:  An attachment cannot be larger than 100MB in size.

Once you have uploaded a file, a table will display below the drag and drop section.  Each file added appears in its own row in the table.

The columns are:

Field Value
Icon: blue caret Select to expand or collapse the row. Default view is collapsed.
File Name The name of the uploaded file
Type Use the drop-down menu to choose the appropriate type:

  • Agreement Document
  • Internal (UW) Document
  • Correspondence with Sponsor

Note: The Cost Share Addendum type cannot be selected on this page.

Description Enter a description of up to 255 characters
Attached On Displays the date and time
Icon: trash can Click to open the delete attachment dialog

Select the blue caret to the left of the File Name to see version information. The entry indicates this is Version 1, followed by the filename and attached date/time. Below that is a text field where you can enter an optional Version Comment, up to 255 characters. The following image shows the expanded view.

advance supporting attachment added with comment

Replace Attachment

When your advance is in either Withdrawn or Returned status, you can update any attached files. In the table of attachments, the icon at the far right is a 3-dot more actions menu, in place of the trash can. The menu options are:

  • Replace file with newer version
  • Delete attachment

The following image shows the menu choices.

advance attachment table with expanded options menu

To replace a file, select that option from the menu. A dialog will display, as shown below, where you can upload the newer version of your file.

advance attachment replacement dialog

Once you have added the newer version, you can expand the row and add a comment for the revised file. The expanded view will show all versions of the attachment, with the most recently added version at the top. The following image shows an example.

advance attachment versions

Delete Attachment

When your advance is in Composing status, the icon at the far right of an attachment row is a trash can. Hovering your mouse over the icon displays the text “Delete file”. Select the icon to open the confirmation dialog.

When your advance is in Withdrawn or Returned status, a 3-dot more actions menu displays with an option of “Delete attachment” which opens the confirmation dialog.

In the dialog, shown below, select Cancel or the blue X to close it and retain the attachment, or select Delete File to remove the attachment.

Note: When you have an attachment with more than one version, choosing to delete will remove all versions.

advance supporting attachments deletion dialog