Sierra Stewart

  • Cape Coast in GhanaCelebration 2013

    by Sierra Stewart This was the visit I had been anticipating for most of the trip - Cape Coast, which is where there are several slave castles. These were places where African people were chained in dark dungeons, beaten, made to urinate, suffer and defecate as they were watched by merciless white men. I can’t…

  • Ghana UpdateUniversity of Washington

    by Sierra Stewart Culture: On one our first nights here we attended a cultural night at a local club in the village. There were all sorts of traditional dances going on and drums talking. Even before we arrived you cold here the music as we walked down the streets. When seeing the performances, it was…

  • Arriving in GhanaArriving in Ghana

    by Sierra Stewart Hi, my name is Sierra Stewart. I am from Tacoma, Washington and I am currently a junior majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology. This trip is such a blessing for me as an African American. Not only having the opportunity to go to an entirely different country, but to take a hold of some…

  • Meet the Ghana Student BloggersMeet the Ghana Student Bloggers

    By OMA&D Community & Public Relations Back to the Blog  

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