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Cape Coast in Ghana

by Sierra Stewart

This was the visit I had been anticipating for most of the trip – Cape Coast, which is where there are several slave castles. These were places where African people were chained in dark dungeons, beaten, made to urinate, suffer and defecate as they were watched by merciless white men. I can’t fully describe the bone chilling feeling that I felt as I walked through the museum seeing the chains and ropes that my ancestors were bound by. A huge theme that has run through this trip is gratitude. I can’t help but feel grateful to my ancestors who endured so much, physically, spiritually and mentally, so that I have the freedom and opportunities today. It gives you such a different perspective. Personally I have learned about slavery all of my life especially in America. However, rarely do we talk about what happened to black people before America. That’s where it all started in Africa and not America. I could go on and on about history and how its taught in academia but I won’t.  I’m at a loss for words but one thing I can say about this particular experience is powerful.

Female slave dungeons where women lived for months and ate, urinated, menstruated, and defecated. When a women became pregnant it was almost a saving grace because they were then removed from the dungeon.

A few other scenes from Ghana:

We visited the House of Parliament. They were at recess, but we were able to take some rare photos.
A statue of the first President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. He was a great man.
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s first American car.
A beautiful statue at the University of Ghana.
A soccer game
A soccer game with school girls. Thanks for the opportunity Cheerful Hearts Foundation!

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