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Educator and Student Programs

Educator and Student Programs
GEAR UP EDI’s professional development—both in terms of content and delivery—reflects current academic research and best practices. Our goal is to support educators in improving their own best practices and to support schools in making the systemic changes needed to prepare all their students for postsecondary success. GEAR UP EDI also fosters networking and affinity groups within the Washington GEAR UP schools and leverages the expertise “in the room” among the GEAR UP educators. GEAR UP EDI professional development workshops are designed to encourage dialogue and collaboration among middle, high school and postsecondary faculty, teachers and staff. Our offerings are informed by our college readiness logic model.

Professional Development for Principals and District Leaders addresses:

  • Creating a college-going culture
  • Implementing rigorous curricula and support programs
  • Dropout prevention
  • Instructional leadership
  • Community and family engagement

Professional Development for Classroom Teachers addresses:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards and STEM education
  • Strategies to support college aspirations and preparation
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • Student engagement & motivation

Professional Development for GEAR UP Coordinators and Graduation Specialists addresses:

  • Community and family engagement
  • Cultural competence
  • College and career planning
  • College admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and costs
  • College retention programs and strategies

Sample offerings include:

Common Core State Standards–Literacy Across the Curriculum: GEAR UP EDI will offer CCSS implementation workshops at school. The workshop will provide training on effective teaching strategies, aligning curriculum to the standards, and ways to support students in academic preparation for college-level work. Tailored to the needs of the teachers, the workshop will provide focus on specific topics such as close reading, task complexity, and argumentative writing. This workshop will include structured planning time and opportunities to engage in discussions of the needs of your students in preparation for success at the postsecondary level.

Common Core State Standards –Mathematics. GEAR UP EDI will offer CCSS implementation workshops at your school. The workshop will provide training on effective teaching strategies, aligning curriculum to the standards, and ways to support students in academic preparation for college-level work. Tailored to the needs of the teachers, the workshop will cover instructional strategies to support students’ conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and the ability to apply mathematics to the real world. This workshop includes structured planning time and discussion of your students’ academic performance.

Cultural Competence in the Classroom. This workshop will provide an opportunity for teachers to increase their cultural competence by examining their own backgrounds, the backgrounds of their students and school communities, and their own teaching practice. Teachers will explore culturally responsive curriculum and instructional approaches. Participants will learn about various cultural groups’ approach to education and discover inclusionary strategies to increase academic engagement and equitable outcomes. The workshop will be adapted to the demographic and economic background of the student populations.

Beyond the Tests: Non-cognitive Factors for Academic Success. In this workshop teachers will be introduced to non-cognitive factors that go beyond content knowledge and that teach students the process of how to learn. The training will introduce meta-cognitive or “soft” skills that inform student behaviors involving personal reflection, learning-strategy selection and intentional mental processing that can improve student learning. Teachers will be trained on learning strategies that help students gain independent problem-solving skills, help-seeking behaviors, social interactive skills, and how to become more self-disciplined and persist under different pressures once they arrive at college.

For GEAR UP Students:

GEAR UP EDI offers a summer workshop for student leadership training. Students will experience college residential life, and participate in leadership development activities, teambuilding exercises, and topical forums about college.

The Student Leadership Summit is designed with the goal of preparing students to return to their respective schools as GEAR UP Ambassadors. The Leadership Summit:

  • Provides students with leadership training;
  • Helps them maximize their in-school experience;
  • Empowers participants to affect positive change in their schools;
  • Teaches students about their learning styles;
  • Strengthens the students learning skills; and
  • Motivates students to take advantage of all academic and support services that GEAR UP has to offer.

Select Washington GEAR UP students participate in the UW’s College of Engineering Early Engineering Institute, a 3-day residential program. The goals of the program are to strengthen students’ math skills, increase students’ understanding of careers in engineering, and increase students’ understanding of the role of engineers on a global scale. GEAR UP students visit real engineering labs across all disciplines, and study in engineering classrooms.

In a video from Wenatchee School District, students their thoughts about what GEAR UP has meant to them. GEARed UP for College.