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Politics and terrorism

Daniel Chirot
Professor of International Studies
| Web | 206-940-7850
Chirot researches political extremism, ethnic and religious conflict, and tyrannical governments.

Philip Howard
Associate Professor of Communication
E-mail | Web | 206-612-9911
Howard directs the NSF-funded World Information Access Project (wiaproject.org). In 2010, Oxford University Press published his book, The Internet and Islam: The Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy.

Reşat Kasaba
Professor of International Studies
E-mail | Web | 206-543-4373
Kasaba researches state-society relations in the Middle East from a historical perspective.

Clark Lombardi
Associate Professor of Law
Professor, School of Law, Adjunct, Jackson School of International Studies

E-mail | Web 206-543-4939
Lombardi is a specialist in Islamic law and in constitutional law. He has written State Law as Islamic Law in Modern Egypt.

Stephen J. Majeski
Professor of Political Science
E-mail | Web | 206-543-9648
Majeski is a specialist in U.S. foreign policy. In 2010, Routledge published a book Majeski co-authored with David Sylvan: U.S. Foreign Policy in Perspective: Clients, Enemies, and Empire.

Joel Migdal
Professor of International Studies
| Web | 206-543-6406
Migdal is an expert in Mideast affairs, particularly those affecting Israelis and Palestinians.