Office of Global Affairs

UW Student Abroad Insurance

The University of Washington requires students engaged in international educational activities to purchase UW Student Abroad Insurance. You may purchase coverage if you meet the following requirements:

  • Current University of Washington student and dependents
  • Engaged in international educational activities including study, research, internships and/or community engagement
  • Temporarily located outside your home country as a non-resident alien
  • Not a permanent resident of the country of study abroad


The UW Student Abroad Insurance plan provides security and natural disaster evacuation services in addition to medical evacuation and travel assistance services. The UW Student Abroad Insurance plan is specifically tailored to services needed overseas. Its broad coverage and reasonable price makes it the best choice for most students abroad. Purchase the UW Student Abroad Insurance Plan here.

Benefits of the plan

  • Low premium, calculated by days of coverage ($2.00 per day)
  • Evacuation services for medical emergencies plus repatriation benefits anywhere in the world
  • Major medical insurance benefits while overseas
  • Natural and political disaster evacuation coverage
  • Enroll and pay online

Important notice and plan limitations

  • The UW Student Abroad Insurance plan only covers treatment outside the United States for injuries or illnesses that occur abroad.
  • There is no coverage for treatment of conditions that arise once a student has returned to their home country, or after the policy term expires.
  • The UW Student Abroad Insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions that manifest while abroad.
  • You cannot pay for this insurance plan through MyUW. The premium cannot be charged to your UW student account and it will not be automatically paid by financial aid.
  • Contact the study abroad office if you are going on a study abroad program and want to use financial aid to reimburse the cost of the insurance.
  • The UW Student Abroad Insurance plan is distinct from the UW International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP). Enrolling in the UW Seattle, Bothell or Tacoma international student insurance plan for the same time period will not automatically enroll you in the Student Abroad Insurance plan.

Alternative study abroad insurance options

If you are not eligible for the UW Student Abroad insurance, there are other insurance options to consider:

1.     UW International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP)

The UW international student insurance plan (ISHIP) for students on F-1 and J-1 visas provides limited coverage for care worldwide and limited medical evacuation services. ISHIP is more expensive than the UW Student Abroad Insurance plan and provides coverage outside the US on a reimbursement basis only. That means you will need to pay up front for care then file a claim with the insurer when you return to the US.
If you will be returning to the US in the middle of the quarter or have dependents staying in the US while you are studying abroad, consider purchasing both plans to prevent gaps in coverage. If you have other special considerations and need to discuss coverage coordination, please email the International Health Insurance Counselor to discuss your options.

2.     Requesting a waiver of the UW Student Abroad Insurance requirement

If you have personal insurance that provides the same level of coverage as the UW Student Abroad Insurance plan (i.e. emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, injury, illness or death) while participating in study or research abroad, you can petition for a UW Student Abroad Insurance Waiver. If the petition is granted, you will be exempt from the requirement to purchase the UW Student Abroad Insurance Plan. Your personal insurance must remain unchanged and in force for the duration of the your educational activities abroad.

Insurance waivers must be received by the following dates. No late waiver petitions will be accepted.

Departure quarter

Insurance waiver petition due date

Early Fall

May 1

Autumn Quarter

July 1

Winter Quarter

October 15

Spring Quarter

January 15

Summer Quarter

April 1