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Student Data Inquiry (305)

Student Data Inquiry displays the basic personal information about a student.

To access the Student Data Inquiry:

A blank selection screen will appear:

To select a student:
Enter the student key:
"student number"

To access a student not otherwise available to you:
"PAC Number"

Note: All data entered, student number, social security number, student name, and birthdate must agree. To avoid the common error of mismatching keys, use only the student number, and if access to the student is normally denied you, PAC number in the birth date field (with leading zeros if necessary).

After selection of a student or if you have retained student information, the Student Data Inquiry screen will appear, as shown below:

The Student Data Inquiry provides basic registration and personal information for each student. A student may be registered, cancelled, or withdrawn, and the date of the status will be displayed. Thus, Ms. Small was last registered in the spring of 1987. If a student has been cancelled or has withdrawn, the last quarter that the student had attended the university will be displayed.

Resident status is used to determine tuition costs. A student may be RESIDENT or NONRESIDENT in the State of Washington; a student is also a US citizen, an immigrant, or on student visa for immigration purposes.

The screen has room for several special programs to be shown. The most common of these are the Educational Opportunity Program and Intercollegiate Athletics. There is also room for three majors to be shown.

Emergency contact is an important piece of data that is often overlooked by students at registration. Encourage your advisers to keep this datum current.

Besides providing the basic personal information for a student, SRF305 shows two important control fields.

The first, not shown on this example, tells whether the student has a hold, and what that hold is. If the student has a hold, a message will show in the top half of the screen.

The second, in the middle of the screen, tells whether the student has authorized release of directory information. Note the wording in the above example "STUDENT AUTHORIZES RELEASE OF DIRECTORY INFORMATION:YES."

If release is "YES" then you may release limited directory information to off-campus inquirers (See the section on Student Data Base Security for exactly what information you may release.) If release is "NO" then Admissions and Records has asked that you state:

"We have a record, but the student has requested that we not release any information."

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