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Departmental Registration (SRF104)

The Departmental Registration Screen allows authorized academic personnel to register eligible students for any of the department's courses. The screen is available for use only from the first day of Registration Period 1 through the fifth day of the quarter. After that time passes, the student must make schedule changes through the Registrar's Office.

The departmental Registration Screen displays the student's eligibility status for registering, the student's current schedule, and the status of courses offered by the department. A sample of the screen appears below:

Included on this page:

Screen Description

Area 1: Student keys and classification information ­ student number (preferred key), system number, the student's social security number, name and birthday, the quarter available for update, the student's college, major, and class.

Area 2: Eligibility Status ­ A message showing whether or not the student can register now. The message tells the reason for ineligibility (e.g. the student may have a registration hold placed by the Registrar's Office). Appendix A describes all eligibility status messages.

Area 3: Student's current schedule ­ a list of all courses for which the student is registered. If the screen cannot display all the student's courses in Area 3, the "Continued on Next Page" message appears. Press Send to see the next page; send again to return to the first page. The page advance works only if no updates are attempted in the same transaction.

Area 4: Update requests and inquiries ­ four lines for entering schedule updates and inquiries with schedule line numbers, actions, and other options. The other options include Dup for duplicating courses, Override for overriding departmental enrollment priority restriction, and Instructor for typing the instructor's code to trace independent study courses by instructor.

Area 5: Status line for each request ­ one line of information for each request, including the SLN, course number, enrollment count, class limit, number of spaces remaining, and a short message indicating the status of the course. (See Appendix B for explanations of the messages.)

Display a Student Schedule

The screen will display information in three ways, depending on the information entered.

When you enter the student number, the student's courses for the specified quarter appear as does the student's eligibility status for registration. If the student is not eligible for registration, no registration changes may be done. (See Appendix B for a list of possible messages.)

When you enter a Schedule Line Number (SLN), status information for the specified course appears. (You may inquire into course status for as many as four SLNs in one request.) When you enter a student number and a SLN, the student's eligibility status, current schedule, and the course status appear on the same screen. (Again, you may enter up to four SLNs in one request.) A student's schedule is updated only by entering action codes.

Update a Student Schedule

Types of Updates

To update a student's schedule, you enter the SLN that you wish to affect and the appropriate code for the action (add, change, delete, override, or duplicate). The codes are listed on the screen directly above the lines where you enter the updates.



Description of Updates



Add a course to the student's schedule.



Drop a course from the student's schedule.



Change the number of credits for variable credit courses. When changing a duplicate course, you must enter the letter appearing in the Dup column of the schedule to identify which course you wish to change (both courses will have the same SLN).



Inquire into a course's status by leaving the action field blank.



Add a duplicate SLN on the student's schedule by typing "X" in the Dup field.)To change or drop a duplicate SLN, type the computer-generated letter displayed next to the SLN on the student's schedule in the Dup field.)

X, P


Use "X" to override your department's restriction for a course. Enrollment may be limited to certain students based on class, special program, college, major, or EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). Use "P" to override prerequisite checking.



An optional, five-character code determined by departments for recording the instructors of independent study courses.


Variable Credits

The number of credits for a variable-credit course, entered in the first, second, or both spaces of the field (e.g. 2_, 02, or _2 for two credits).

To display the same screen for the next student:
"student number"

To display a different screen for the same student:

*formrequest where T transfers the student number to the next program and nnn identifies the screen you wish to display. (When the student is not majoring in your area, enter his or her PAC number as well.)

How to Update a Student Schedule

You may register any student for your department's courses, regardless of the student's major. This is the only screen in the Student Data Base that allows you access to all students. To move to a different SDB screen for a student not majoring in your department, you must include the student's PAC number.

When registering a student who does not know his or her student number, you may enter the student's social security number rather than the student number or use the Student Name Locator to find the student number (see SRF500 instructions). The Qtr/Yr field will default to a quarter for which students are registering; but sometimes the registration periods overlap, so be sure to check for the right quarter and change the Qtr/Yr field if necessary.

The steps for updating a student's schedule are shown below. Before starting with these steps, you must be running the Student Data Base program.

Step One: Display the Departmental Registration Screen.

At this point you may:

  • Inquire into course status by entering one or more SLNs, no actions, and sending the screen.
  • Display the student's eligibility status and current schedule by entering only the student number and sending the screen.
  • Display the student's eligibility status and current schedule while inquiring into course status by entering the student number and one or more SLNs.
  • Update the student's schedule by entering both the student number and the update requests before sending the screen.

For the sake of demonstration, the steps shown below will display the student's eligibility status and current schedule before updating the schedule. As stated earlier, you may combine several of the steps into one transaction to save time.

Step Two: Display student's eligibility status and current schedule:
"student number"

A screen will appear as shown below, displaying the student's eligibility status and current schedule, if any.

The instructions below may or may not apply to the update. The possible entries are shown below in the order that the cursor appears in the fields. If they do not apply, skip them and continue.

Step Three: Update the Schedule
"schedule line number of course(s)"
"appropriate action code"

To add a duplicate SLN:
"X" in Dup field

To drop or change a duplicate SLN:
"letter (if any) shown next to the SLN" in Dup field

To add a variable-credit course:
"number of credits" in Variable Creds field
"code for instructor" in Instructor field (optional)

To change credits and/or instructor code:
"number of credits" in Variable Creds field
"code for instructor" in Instructor field

To override your department's enrollment restrictions:
"X" in Override field

The update requests should be similar to those shown below.

To complete the update request

The screen will return as shown below, displaying the updated schedule and the course status lines at the bottom.

Note the transaction message at the top of the screen stating that the record has been updated.

Also, you can see that the status lines at the bottom of the screen show that one course was added and the other was not, due to a restriction on major placed by the department.

In some instances, and update may require more information. For example, attempting to add a course that has restrictions set by the department may result in a status message as shown above, OVRD: MAJOR. In this case, the English Department has set a restriction on the course to exclude students who are not English majors. You may override the message by entering an "X" in the Override field and sending the screen, but it should be done only when the restriction does not apply due to special circumstances.

Also, departments may overenroll their courses up to 115 percent of room capacity by pressing Send after the status message "COURSE IS FULL" appears. The number of spaces available in a full course is shown in parentheses next to the zero in spaces remaining, e.g. REM: 0(4). For more information on the messages that appear in the status lines, see the reference page for Departmental Registration.

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