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PAS-Table of Contents:

Requisition Entry

Setting Delivery Address

Special Requisition Handling

Requisition Approval

Setting Approval Flags

Requisition Corrections

Requisition Inquiry

Payment Inquiry

Order/Payment Inquiry

Encumbrance Inquiry

Action Codes

System Messages


Organization Codes

About the Admin Systems:

Getting Access to
Online Systems

Access Forms

Communications Software

Signing On


System Hours




PAS - Purchasing and Accounts Payable Online System


When do I need to enter a Purchase Requisition?

  • item is not available through eProcurement
  • item cannot be purchased with UW ProCurement Card
  • purchase cost (pre-tax) is greater than the direct-buy limit ($3,300)
  • item is on the exceptions list (exceptions to the $3300 direct-buy limit); appropriate for PAS requisitions



This document is a guide to the online Purchasing and Accounts Payable System, PAS.

This document teaches you how to:

  • Enter requisitions for a variety of situations
  • Set up and use departmental approval for requisitions
  • Use Requisition Inquiry to check existing requisitions for status information on orders, payments, and encumbrances
  • Modify and purge requisitions

Table of Contents