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Getting Access to

Administrative information is currently available on the computer A usercode and an ENTRUST token is required to log onto Keynes. Read the Token Eligibility Policy to find out who is eligible to use the ENTRUST token.

  • You must have your own usercode.
  • No shared or inherited usercodes are allowed.
  • A UW NetID is required to set up a usercode.

Getting set up on Keynes

You need a Usercode and an ENTRUST token to access the online Administrative Systems on To receive them you will need to fill out an Administrative Systems Access Form for access to any of the databases, except for HEPPS and the Student System (SDB).

Request access to HEPPS

HEPPS access is only granted to Central Offices. To request access to HEPPS, you will need to fill out and submit a Request for HEPPS access form and submit it separately to Payroll, Box #359555. HEPPS is approved by the UW Payroll Office If you have any question about this form or access, please contact

Request access to SDB

For access to SDB, fill out and submit one of the following forms:

If you are unable to open any of these forms, call 206.221.5000 or send email to

Removing Existing Access

To remove access for an individual, have the employee’s supervisor email help@uw.eduwith the following information:

  • The employee name,
  • The employee usercode or UW NetID,
  • The serial number of their Token (if known).

Also, please return the ENTRUST token via campus mail to UWITSC, Administrative Applications, Box 359540 or Postal Mail at 4333 Brooklyn Ave NE, Box 359540, Seattle, WA, 98195-9540.

Changing Departments

Employees who are changing departments and know they will need access in their new department can keep their Entrust Token. They will still need to re-apply for access in the new department by completing and sending a new Administrative Systems Access Form, Request for HEPPS access form, or the Student Database form for the Seattle, Tacoma, or Bothell campus. Employees who are not sure whether or not they will need access should return their Entrust Token by following the procedures above.

Limits to access

  • Usercodes with access to financial, purchasing, and payroll data are linked to a 10-digit departmental organization code. This allows you to access the budgets for just that department or organization. If you need to access more than one organization's data, you are issued additional Usercodes, which you access by entering the "Switch" command on the main menu.
  • Usercodes with access to Student Systems are linked to a security mechanism that restricts access to specific colleges and major codes.