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PAS-Table of Contents:

Requisition Entry

Setting Delivery Address

Special Requisition Handling

Requisition Approval

Setting Approval Flags

Requisition Corrections

Requisition Inquiry

Payment Inquiry

Order/Payment Inquiry

Encumbrance Inquiry

Action Codes

System Messages


Organization Codes

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Getting Access to
Online Systems

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Special Requisition Handling

With the Online Requisition Entry System, you may "walk" rush requisitions through the purchasing process without leaving your office. Also, you may ask for requisitions to be returned for corrections or to be purged, if they have not yet been assigned to a buyer. To do so, check the status of the requisition in Requisition Inquiry.

If the requisition status is:

Perform Requisition Approval, call the person who approves requisitions within your department so that the requisition can be processed quickly or returned. If you cannot determine who can approve the requisition, send email to, PAS special handling.

Obtain Equipment Inventory Approval, call Equipment Inventory at 3-4663 to request special handling.

Obtain Grant/Contract Acct Approval, call Grant and Contract Accounting at 3-8454 to request special handling. Effective 4/8/99, GCA is no longer performing pre-audit of purchases on Grant/Contract budgets. The process has been replaced with a post-audit review.

Buyer to be Assigned, call the Purchasing Department­Requisition Entry at 3-0616 to request a walk-through. Once a requisition reaches the status "Buyer to be Assigned," it will be processed unless cancellation paperwork is issued to the Purchasing Department.

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